Friday, February 14, 2014

6 ♥

A few found hearts from 2005-2009. Happy V-Day to all you lovers out there, including my wife who spent today lying on a beach 3,000 miles away, or maybe in a bar, or both, but either way definitely with a few margaritas. True love knows no distance. But that's what happens as a relationship ages. You find yourself taking his and her vacations, because getting someone to watch the kids for a week is tough. You wouldn't wish that task on your worst enemies. So unless you want to take a his and his and his and his and hers vacation, you wind up trading off, a week here, a week there. Maybe when they're grown up and out of the house you can finally spend time together a beach somewhere with faces buried in his and her books. But by that time you'll probably be dead. Relax! I'm kidding. Relax on the beach. The more likely scenario is you're just too tired to motivate. And if you can organize something it will probably be a quick flight to visit the kids! Of all places to go! You've put your time in, the world is your oyster, you've earned it. And you go there? Believe me, they don't even want you. How are they going to seduce the cute neighbor with you on the guest cot? But you miss them. Because that's fucking love, man. Right there, that's it. Several trips around the sun together. A visit to Ecuador next week. And a few found hearts. 


Hernan Zenteno said...

I am close to divorce so all this thing about love is weird

Gregory said...

I haven't found a heart in a long time. It is like a poison, but a vital one.