Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dagens Nyheter

First the good news. The current In-Public show in Stockholm was featured this week in Dagens Nyheter (Latest News), which is apparently the most respected cultural daily in Sweden. They even sent a reporter --a nice guy named Andreas-- to interview Matt, David, and me. 

The bad news is that I can't read Swedish. I know, I know. I studied it all through my childhood. We all did. But none of it seems to have stuck.

So I'm at the mercy of Google Translate to see what the heck I said. I entered the article into the Swedish side and something came out the English end which vaguely resembled what we had talked about with Andreas. It mentioned street photography a lot. It mentioned burning cars and peeing buskers. But I think some of the meaning was lost in translation. And the people too. For example, Matt was somehow confused with Nick Turpin who was 1000 miles away at the time. And David's quotes were attributed to Matt. But street photography isn't about taking names. It's about truth, dammit. And the moment and Leicas and stuff. Like jazz.

The translated article was fun to read, but not quite fun enough. I thought it might be more entertaining after undergoing a few more translations, and boy was I right. I took my Swedish>English version, then translated to Greek>Japanese>Basque>Swahili>English. The final product was almost there, but I felt bad about Matt and David getting their names mixed up, so I translated my own name too just to make it all even. In the article below I'm referred to as Nem Um Talvez, which is Swedish for Nem Um Talvez. 

Arts Championship soil freezing while on the road

Shot of a group that's not reality, very few, the rest of us this is a perfect match. Well, sounds DN've Stockholm street area and three members displayed.

Nem Um Talvez is a photographer Nick Turpin and Matt Stuart, facing each other, I sigh. How to explain the art of shooting street, as are questions about. This is not the first time. Put the hard eyes and a light color. However, the relationship between the object of a love-hate relationship with the product. After a while, I like street photography is what chin, really.

- Road, the town in the direction of the head of the association of words. However, I started this, I did not know the picture should be out. So, I do not like the place. This image is not important for me to set and unexpected. Ansel Adams is not cool then. In other words, the model is not included as part of a large system is also important. You will work, Nem Um Talvez said.

- So, the picture, and then you say, you do not need to be taken in public places is always a conflict to start the discussion, I also looked at Nick Turpin at Talvez break where you want to be with you.

Nick Turpin has been added with a smile.

- In fact, the rest, are welcome to take pictures at home. Of course, it is very good. However, it is only a picture. , And from these descriptions, please refer to what we do not agree with the majority. However, that should've been.

They all laugh.

Street pictures seem to remember a bit of jazz?

- Of course. We have it, it is possible to agree on the importance of the passage, Nem Um Talvez says.

Nem and Matt Stuart Talvez States and Briton Nick Turpin street is part of an international group photograph in public places. Nick Turpin was the company he founded 13 years ago and 22 days for a photographer.

Trio, during a visit to Sweden, street, photo When word spread awareness about photography. displays (picture modern city) of all sponsors in Stockholm CUP. Snickarbacken 7 Stockholm Open, an exhibition of over 100 photographs. Some funny pictures, photographs or images of bad arguments here. Heaviest gauge. Pissing scattered street performers a hot car.

It is difficult to identify a common denominator. In many cases it can be a mistake. Some photographer, I was attracted by shear. debate is the claim. Matt Stuart is retransmitted close. For him, it is clear that it has nothing to do with perfection. However, Nod Nick Turpin. opportunity to work with only a small error exists in a lot of photographers.

- Build a little bit of what broken, as well as understanding not bad. Nikkutapin who accept me.

Matt Stuart Street Shoot sure that you do not have an affinity for documentary photography.

- Street photographer, shoot I do not know anything about it when he woke up the morning. There is no agenda. Gatufotografiets work does not mean that is the answer to the question. Vice versa. More problems, the better, raised.

Concepts such as truth and reality of the relationship, is it?

- This is a loaded question. Photography, frankly, is the relationship of long and hard. Say that the pictures do not lie, often, the photographer who is responsible for the error. Street shooting, something that is not true. It is often elusive. However, the true figure to be interesting in some way associated, Nem Um Talvez says.

Address shot slightly, art delivery, more than three seem to agree that while the main power supply.

- Street as a photographer, really, and shutter button allows you to control your expectations and rectangular. Nothing more. You can not ask you to repeat the crime of shooting. Services must be always connected. You can not stop watching. In other words, to avoid. I have headaches frequently, says Nick Turpin.

It is very important for all diseases. digital, the main source of inspiration, Matt Stuart, when to shoot 600 shots will be, one day. However, there will be a practical means of unremitting. Growth has been continuous for at least 9 months to break Talvez, analog photographers. Nikkutapin in the ratio of three years.

- I have my camera handy, I'm nervous. Street shooting is not just a good relationship. However, I have pictures of my family was always helpful to find. All of the pictures are for my ability. There is a kind of instinct, I think, for now, I want to save. Has a negative return home flooded, Nem Um Talvez said.

Shooting with others, without asking permission. What do you think is less privacy?

- I think the people who will be angry because the stage is not that interesting, there is something that bothers me, but Nem Um Talvez said.

- Photos of the street, I think, and has shown that it is possible for the position is to build the set, the significance of these words is possible. Yes, art, Nikkutapin said simply.
In public places - Stockholm.

Pictures and photo exhibitions, and until June 22, in public places, 100 pages of pictures. 7 Snickarbacken in Stockholm, and (still image of the modern city) is composed Cup.
Photos of the street.

Paris is considered the place of origin of very gatufotografiets. One of the founders of the French kind Eugene Atget, who, after his death, in 1927, was well-known figures.

Streets as a photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, describes not always, but it was a very important time to load deft ability to capture elements.

Century 50, Robert Frank's picture book called "America" ​​was a pioneer in the United States.

Some notable Brassai name William Eggleston, Diane Arbus, Weegee, Gary Wycombe Roh on the ground, and Josef Koudelka. Internet has played a role in street shooting spread worldwide.


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