Monday, April 29, 2013


Some pictures make me feel high, like been high before but get this feel like multiple universe or something with all these views. Like deja vu and Cubism. And we all lived 100 years ago in a different body. Did you know Cezanne washigh? As akite dude! so where did 4:20 come from I ask all myfriends no one can tell, like where? So there was a huge conference really big on April 20th that's 4:20 like where did that come from? Just from the sky I mean how didj they make that up? Anyway people were sparking up left and right and pot was just like free and open, like wild birds or something. And the cops laid off and it was fine. You ever look at wildbirdsImean really look at them? Like for hours? He could've been someone born 100 years ago Like I was saying Cezanne made these Cubist paintings that were all Square but from the side they looked like cubes like the name. Well this guy Theo Stroomer did the same thing but with cameras dude. On 4:20! I bet it was that Pineappleexpress. Shit knocks youout! He injected pot into his cameras or something fully baked. Colorado pot is strongt. Man am I hungry. More photos here. Wait did I say that already?


nate parker said...

viewmaster meets stoners= awesome!

Anonymous said...

The bros with the food are impossible to look at for more than three seconds without laughing.