Friday, April 5, 2013

Portland Photo Month

April is the annual Portland Photo Month. Which won't mean much for distant readers. But if you live near Portland or if you'll be visiting for, say, Photolucida in a few weeks, it's an exciting time. There are many photography related exhibits and events going on in all corners of the city. Most are listed here

If you're lazy or short of time, or if just don't feel like bopping all over town, The Portfolio Walk on April 18th is a good bet. In just a few hours you can take in 160 portfolios from photographers from all around the world. Beware, this has burn out potential. Give it a few minutes between each viewing to let your eyes relax. And if you've been to past Portfolio Walks, take note that this year the venue has changed. It's at Castaway on NW 18th Ave.
The Photo Queen ready to receive her Camera Crown, 1981, Lawrence Shlim
The core of Portland Photo Month is the annual Photo Festival held downtown in Waterfront Park. A small traveling amusement park sets up on the lawn with Ferris wheel and various kiddie rides, including a giant telephoto lens which holds up to 4 children at a time as it sweeps across the horizon. And nearby are photo booths with all sorts of games, food, and information about cameras and photography. 

On April 13th is the Grand Photo Parade, the centerpiece of the festival and the nation's largest parade solely dedicated to photography. All sorts of photo-themed marching bands, industry floats, and performers ride through downtown tossing snapshots to the children, and sometimes film canisters of jelly beans. The parade culminates in the coronation of the Photo Queen, selected from a court of high school seniors from each school in the area. Be sure to bring a camera! It's a fantastic photo-op.

Tudod, mi hiányzik a B? Magyar, ez az, ami. Még nem volt egy jó magyar bekezdés nem tudom, meddig. Csak most vettem észre, hogy a minap, gondoltam, dobd be a mix itt. Azt hiszem, ez illik. Nem mintha ez sokat köze mást itt, de van egy rakás nagy magyar fotósok. És nagy bélyegek is, vissza a nap. Használt enni ezeket, mint egy gyerek.

April 19th is Alec Soth's keynote talk at PAM, From Here To There: Searching for Narrative in Photography. I suspect this will sell out, so I'd advise buying an advance ticket. The next day, April 20th is of course Earth Day, and the Photolucida reviews move outdoors to the park blocks to enjoy Portland's fabulous natural setting. This happens rain or shine, so participants should make sure their portfolios are water resistant. And it helps to bring along a sense of humor too, especially if the weather turns nasty.

I'll be dropping in on events here and there throughout the course of the month. I'll try to see every show but the exact agenda is hazy. If anyone wants to hook up in person I'll be at the Jennifer Schwartz Crusade For Art van giving away photos on Wednesday, April 17th, 12 - 2  pm. Rain or shine. Location to be determined. 

During Thursday and Friday of Photolucida, I'll be roaming the halls as a roving reviewer. Just look for the crazy guy with the 18% gray beard muttering to himself in the corner. Yeah, that one. I know he looks scary but that's actually me. 

I realize people approach photo reviews with a wide variety of expectations so I want to put out a disclaimer. If you're looking for a gallery show or to publish a book or meet a power player who can assist your advancement in the photo world, I can't help you! But if you want someone who will look at any type of photography and give you an honest appraisal, prepare to be serviced. 




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