Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nothing lasts

The latest Eye-On-PDX profile by Pete Brook is now online, hot off the presses. For this round Pete interviews Oregonian photographer Thomas Boyd..In other photoblog news, the Magnum blog has been recently resuscitated from the dead, with some great posts by Richard Kalvar among others...Nick Turpin's 779 may have kicked the bucket but the good news is Nick is now writing about street photography here...Liz Kuball's Until You Can't See Land has died and been reborn here, where she's now saying Yes! to everything... Slate joined the photo blogging bandwagon a few months ago with Behold. A poorman's RawFile? Jury still out...DLK still writes about NY galleries but has broadened somewhat into general photo stuff... After some down time Mark Page has begun blogging again here... Richard Prince is an entertaining diarist... One Year of Books has gone well over the eponymous time limit, thankfully... 1/125 has impressed lately with several finely crafted posts... .Dan Abbe and Peter Evans have got the Japanese photo scene wired... Several photo blogs appear to be in long term remission, among them The Year in Pictures, Brian Ulrich's Not If But When, Photo Ephemera, Susana Raab, Tim Connor, Heading East, Mrs. Deane, Photographers Speak, Kip Praslowicz... Hard to tell what's going on, if they've shifted to Tumblr or given up the ghost or if and when any will revive, which I suspect some will. Down for the count beyond revival are We Can Shoot Too, Grapehouse, and Stephen Tamiesie's blog. Please update bookmarks or feeds or however you find stuff...Are blogs even a thing anymore? Do people give still care? Or has it all shifted to other platforms? Question for discussion? Oh well, as long as I'm fading out here I may as well ramble a bit. If you're still reading at this point it means you've found the top secret decoder ring. Or else you've just highlighted the invisible text to make it legible. Either way, Congratulations! Because you've just won yourself a photo. The first person to email me their mailing address will receive a fiber print. Yet another reminder to always scan the fine print, even when it's invisible. And especially when in comes later in the mail. But don't hesitate. This offer won't last. After all, nothing does. (Including the print. Sorry folks, it's been claimed.)

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