Sunday, December 16, 2012


I know Kickstarters are lame but...

Pretty much every Kickstarter pitch I've seen starts with that disclaimer, so I figured it was suitable here. The Helen Levitt movie Kickstarter expires in 12 hours (midnight 12/16). It's currently about $4,000 short of being funded.

Helen Levitt, from the book Slide Show
Honestly I have no idea who the people are behind this. Tanya Sleiman. Frazer Bradshaw. Kent Sparling. Strangers in cyberspace. They could be crooks or assholes or cyber aliases for all I know. But I have a feeling they're legit and that they're building something constructive.

Whatever. I can't control their end of things. All I can do is send money, which I've done, and which is rare for me. I don't fund many Kickstarters. The reason this one is different is that Helen Levitt's Photographs Kick Ass! Come on people. You know it's true. I know it's true. Her photos rule! I want to see a movie about them. Can you believe there isn't one already? Maybe this will help change that.

I know Kickstarters are lame but...

Give till it hurts. Good things will happen. Maybe.

(Addendum: 12/17: The film has been funded. Look for it in late 2013)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Blake,

Just for the record, none of Helen Levitt's photographs have been authorized to be in the film so the movie cannot be about them.