Wednesday, November 30, 2011


If you've ordered a deck of B-Sides they should arrive shortly. The first batch went out yesterday and the second batch will go out today. They should arrive within the week (slightly longer for international).

I apologize for the delay. It took a little while to get them printed and shipped from Hong Kong, and then I had to train and prep all the carrier pigeons to recognize chimneys. The cold weather causes them to lose focus. But I've got the kinks worked out now. The pigeons are chomping at the bit, and future orders will be filled without delay.

For those who've already ordered, thanks very much for your patience! Your deck is on its way.


cacv12000 said...

I recieved mine yesterday. Beautiful work. Thanks!
Your pidgeon got to meet some real Brooklyn pidgeons while here. I hope they haven't corrupted yours too much. Anyway, you'll see what I mean when he gets back to Oregon.

Blake Andrews said...

I don't use Oregon pigeons anymore. They kept getting sidetracked on their trips trying to score weed. Going with Oklahoma pigeons now. Incorruptible.

spence said...

Wait until they get to Chicago, your pigeons will join a union and start asking for more feed and better working conditions, a pigeon pension. And before you know it, you'll be outsourcing pigeons from India.