Friday, November 11, 2011

But this one goes up to 11

It's not very often that 11-11-11 rolls around. To honor the date I'm shooting today with one aperture only. Do you even have to ask which one?

(photo credit: Compur)

Of course 11-11-11 isn't just an interesting number. It's Veterans Day too. And f/11 isn't just an aperture. It's a Navy warplane.

Up yours, America's imagined foes! We can lick you upside down or sideways until we're blue in the airplane. However you want it.

But seriously, I sincerely thank all veterans for your service and sacrifice. I hope for a future world without veterans, a world in which the job of soldier is rendered obsolete by lasting peace. A world that rises finally to its true potential, a world that goes up to 11.

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