Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Continuing an earlier stream of thought...

As promised, below are urination photos submitted by readers. Thanks to everyone who sent in images.

Matt Roth

Justin Cook (via Peter Earl McCollough)

Michael Morris

Craig Semetko (via Stu Egan)

Ellen Jong (via Microcord)

Robert Doisneau (via Hernan Zenteno)

Luc Rabaey

Ben Levine

Chris Bentley

Krass Clement (via Zisis Kardianos)

Hernan Zenteno

Mezz Davies

Stan Banos

Emmet Gowin (via Stan Banos)


bastinptc said...

OK, I was tempted the first time to send this video to you, but thought, eh. Since you persist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKwl334P8Sg

Over the course of three weeks I piss on a bunch of weeds (bed straw)in an attempt to eradicate them.

Anonymous said...

Some very good stuffs posted. I like the one from Michael Morris very much, with this lady in the men bathroom.
Hard for me to do that, not only because of the shooting challenge itself but maybe there is something cultural. I believe it is much more an Anglo-Saxon type of thing.

Blake Andrews said...

Interesting approach, Bastin. Any problems with housepaint being killed at the same time?

bastinptc said...

It was up against a galvanized metal shed, so maybe some rust. Thanks for taking a look.

chuckp said...

Well, if people are going to submit something where the perps aren't exactly caught in the act then there's