Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You're Not From Around Here

First image retrieved by Google image search for "backwoods Maine"

I'm off to backwoods Maine today. They barely have electricity up there and don't even ask about internet access. There are lumberjacks and moose and snowmobiles and twelve year olds who'll drink you under the table faster than you can say Mattawamkeag. It promises to be a good ol' time.

But alas, posting will be spotty until I return home in early September. In the meantime here're a few sites where my photographs have recently taken root:

Red-Green-Blue | Eugene Grid Project | Fraction Magazine


Lingesh said...

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plechl said...

i keep going back to that image of the kids playing with the AK & sword. it' singed on my subconscious. there's something cryptic, uncomfortable, and strangely serene about it.

also the color stuff you're doing with the Grid Project is really growing on me.