Monday, April 20, 2015


Thanks to everyone who submitted replies to Quiz #31 a few weeks ago. Sorting out the answers was more involved than I'd expected, because I received many varied responses, and some of the questions turned out to have multiple correct answers. Also, one of my reference sources (this book, which is good for many things but apparently not dates) led me to a few inaccuracies in the quiz. Sorry, my bad. Taking those factors into account, I was generally lenient in grading the answers, and gave respondents the benefit of the doubt where ambiguities were involved. 

The winner, with 43 out of 45 correct, is Alexandros Konstantinakis-Karmis of Greece. Alexandros is a quiz-answering machine, having also won the last two album cover quizzes on B. Congrats, Alexandros, and stand by to receive your lovely prize package. 

I appreciate all the responses. Hope it was fun. Below is the answer key with my intended answer first (followed by acceptable alternatives in parenthesis).

1. Tina Modotti, Lotte Jacobi
2. Minor White, Imogene Cunningham
3. Jamie Livingston (Boris Ignatovich, Chris Marker)
4. William Claxton (P.H. Emerson)
5. Fritz Henle (J.D. Aihumekeokhai Ojeikere)
6. Jeanloup Sieff (Peter Lindbergh, Tazio Secchiaroli, Charles Beijer, David Eustace, David Doubilet)
7. Pierre Boucher (Gilles Bensimon, Hal Gould, Don Ornitz)
8. Abbas Attar
9. Gyula Halasz
10. David Szymin
11.  Mike Meyer
12. Edward James Muggeridge
13. Yasuhiro Wakabayashi
14. Israelis Bidermanas
15. Keresz Andor
16.  Emmanuel Radnitzky
17. Gaspard-Felix Tournachon
18. Arthur Felig
19. Rober Capa and Alberto Korda
20. Nobuyoshi Araki and Tim Page
21. Alfred Steiglitz (Massimo Vitali
22. Graham Nash (Max Vadakul, Arnold Hardy)
23. Arnold Newman (Glen Friedman, Johan Persson)
24. William H. Jackson (Johan van der Keuken, Jack Cato, Max Dupain)
25. Alex Webb (Roger Mayne, Robert Vano, 
26. Clarence H. White (Scott Kelby, Bruce Hudson, Francis Browne, Bruce Conner, Robert Demachy)
27. Brassai
28. Daido Moriyama (Julius Schulman, Thomas Rusch)
29. Carleton Watkins  (Sam Haskins
30. Ihei Kimura (Tom Kelley)
31. Paul Strand
32. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
33. Berenice Abbott
34. Ilse Bing
35. Weegee
36. Walker Evans
37. Philippe Halsman
38. Yousuf Karsh
39. David Seymour 
40. Werner Bischof
41. Eugene Smith
42. Helmut Newton
43. Ernst Hass
44. Tony-Ray Jones
45. Lars Turnbjork

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Hernan Zenteno said...

My congratulations to Alexandros who is a extremely connoisseur or have a lot of time or all the books. Anyway in each case he deserves a recon about him because all the goods he have. Alexandros Konstantinakis-Karmis is a bit difficult to remember or pronounce. I suggest to call him The Machine. :)
As always I can find something new for me in your post. Many thanks Blake