Friday, May 30, 2014

How To Make Butter Photos

Perhaps the most important equipment for any photographer is a good pair of walking shoes. If your feet hurt you won't be mobile, and you likely won't be a good mood to take photos. Duh. I know it's obvious but it's important.

I needed shoes last fall and went to the local Big 5, where I stumbled by accident on a pair of Fila Memory Deluxes. These shoes are scanty. They're just a memory foam sole attached to a thin mesh upper. Wearing them is almost like being barefoot. 

The moment I put them on they immediately became the most comfortable shoes I'd ever worn. There was no break in period. No adjustment. Just beautiful podiatric unison. I couldn't even feel them on feet. Instead they felt like butter on my toes. Not that I've ever stepped in butter but I can imagine. And after wearing these shoes, I imagine that making photos while walking in butter is magnificent. All the tension in my life drains out through my feet. It never makes it into my photos. 

But there's a downside. The reason these shoes are comfortable is they have very little internal support, and without structure the shoes wear out quickly. After wearing mine almost daily for 6 months they were completely shot. They looked sort of like my battered Leica M6. But made in China out of nylon.

So I went back yesterday and bought another pair. Exact same. I don't think I've ever done that before. Maybe I'm turning into one of those old men with a closet full of identical leisure suits. No problem getting dressed each day, no choice necessary. Am I turning into that? I don't know. I just know my feet need to be comfortable. Summer is right around the corner and I will be on my feet a lot. And given all the options I might as well walk on butter. I mean, why not?

I swear I don't work for Fila. I have no financial stake. I'm just calling it like I see it, and since my toes can't talk I'm calling it for them too. We've found our shoes. Best photo equipment I've purchased this year.


Unknown said...

I doubt you'll end up with leisure suits, but as you get older you should take better care of your feet especially if you do a lot of walking. If that means having three pairs of shoes that are identical like I do, then so be it. Your feet and your photos will thank you.

Stan B. said...

Now you're getting to the root of the problem...

Thomas said...

I bought some of these Memory Foam shoes and I am absolutly happy with it.Walking around for hours is absolutly no problem now.......
By the way I bought the Sketchers..... :-)

best regards