Monday, May 6, 2013

Stockholm Syndrome

In-Public's workshop series is ramping up. There are still a few spots available for our street photography workshop in Stockholm, May 31st - June 2nd, 2013. In addition to Nick Turpin and myself, we've added Matt Stuart as an instructor and increased the capacity of the class to 20. So if you thought it was full, please check again. Details and registration info are here
Brian Sparks, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013
I probably shouldn't admit this since I am one of the teachers, but I've never taught a street photography workshop. Folks who've already signed on are now muttering with alarm, "Wait. What? Really?" Sorry, it's too late to unregister. And it gets worse because I'm not sure that seeing street photos is a skill that can be taught. Heck, I don't even know if I am a street photographer. 

Of course I'm kidding, sort of. Stockholm is gonna rock. I'm fully confident that registrants will have a wonderful and satisfying experience. You will come away both recharged and spent, receive the best feedback we can provide, and hopefully create a few keepers in the process. Nick and Matt are pros. As for myself, I've been busy the past few weeks writing down all of my accumulated street photo tricks, tips, and general wisdom on little scraps of paper. Wherever I am, if an idea strikes I write it down on anything handy. Twenty years of shooting...You should see some of these tips! They're just darn swell. At some point before the workshop I plan to track down all of my little paper scraps and do something with them. Maybe I'll tape them into a big collage. Or paste them into a notebook. Or maybe they could be a flag or something, at least all of those ones I left in the park could, if those guys living down there haven't burned them yet. 

Or maybe...maybe I'll just forget them at home when I leave for Sweden. But that won't matter because most of it's in here (pointing at brain) and in here (pointing at shutter finger). And when the times comes to unlock those secrets, they will gush like a fire hydrant. Saturation awaits! And possibly Satori. Workshop participants may find themselves bombarded, and developing a twisted sense of empathy and compassion for the pedestrians holding them captive. Or for me, Nick, and Matt. You've been warned. Sign up now to see what happens next...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your warnings Blake! Looking forward to meeting you in person in Stockholm and hear your secrets :-) First of all I wish you a safe trip to Sweden! All the best, Frederik

Common Sense said...

Whomever came up with the workshop paradigm is pretty clever.
Find a bunch of sad sacks that think that by rubbing shoulders with someone they think is successful they too will become successful. The "teacher" gets a free vacation while the student gets his ego inflated and his wallet pumped dry.

Blake Andrews said...

Common Sense, I know it takes some effort but you need to read past the title.

Common Sense said...

Blake, I did read the entire article as I do with most of the stuff you post.
While I still stand by what I wrote previously in your comment sections, I do apologize to you and Bryan for lashing out at you both on this blog. It doesn't do anyone any good.