Thursday, July 14, 2011

The little screens

from Texters by Joseph O. Holmes

With all the attention that these photos have been receiving lately, I thought it would be fun to showcase a similar series by George Kelly. While Holmes focuses on people, Kelly zeroes in on the face-bathing light of the tiny screens which surround us.

Although they take very different approaches to a common subject matter, I think both projects capture the flavor of the moment. They are photos that couldn't have been made just a few years ago, and will probably soon date themselves, as good photos should.

Here are some rough drafts from Kelly's ongoing project:


Anonymous said...

A fascinating series and all too familiar scene. Contrast these with public photos from only 10 years ago. What did people look at before texting and smart phones? Will billboards and posters cease to exist in the future? Who will look at them?

ben said...

Last one truely outstanding. Reminds me of THX1138.

Walter Dufresne said...

"face-bathing light"
Great phrase. Don't miss the New Yorker's take.

Amy Stein said...

Take a look at Matthew Pillsbury's Screen Lives series from the pre-smartphone era and Peter Snyder's Pod People.