Friday, February 4, 2011

See How Easily You Can [Fill in desirable result]

I don't know what to write about. Do you? Please send suggestions for a future blog post to me via email or comments below. Subjects, photos, photographers, phrases, links, and/or rants are welcome. The only requirement is that topics must be original and unexplored. I'll choose one winner from the among the suggestions, run it through the B-suinart, and serve it up next week. The prize for being picked is, as usual, a free print.


Dr Gene Ray said...

Please inform your readers:

The 12 hour or 1/2 Day clock is an intended EVIL against humanity -

indicting every human on Earth as Dumb, Educated Stupid and Evil -

for imaginary Cubed Earth has 4

Days within simultaneous rotation.

One God would equal a God Dunce

as Humans evolve from Children.

Conershi Jones said...

Camera + Film + ?? = $PROFIT

Marilyn Andrews said...

The most amazing photograph you (or your readers) ever saw.

mdoo said...

Number photographs that are instantly recognisable times ~3MB = size of human photographic memory -> compare to, say, iPad -> discuss

Ian said...

• snow flake photography or just photographs of flakes
• if there were one desirable genetic mutation that would help photographers, what would it be?
• cammo for photogs
• the Oh - BB Awards (Best of Blake)
• I like the post above, how humans evolved from children...that would be cool. But I guess I can't win a print for plagiarizing that idea.

ok, off to cogitate

Ian Boys said...

How all the photos we know from any artist still add up to about a second of his life. And people think they can capture meaning and soul?

Microcord said...

From very early in the history of photography, exotic places -- the old, distant, hot, cold -- have been photographed.

Paris, New York, Tokyo and Havana are among the large cities that have excited photographers. (And fitted with bulletproof vests, photographers have ventured into São Paulo and beyond.)

Thanks to talented photographers as varied as Bill Owens and Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, we've seen the the exotically unexotic: the towns and suburbs where "normal" people live.

Recently even smallish slivers of the Caucasus are getting their own photobooks -- Abkhazia, Karabakh, etc -- which of course is all to the good.

So which areas of the world have been overlooked? Are there any? (Oh of course there are some photos from almost anywhere, but I mean photos that merit examination.)

How about Uruguay? I can't remember ever seeing a photobook of Uruguay -- though perhaps this just shows how parochial are the bookshops that I frequent.

SR said...

Contrary to Microcord's idea.....I've recently focused on seeking images within my hometown, a visually rather mundane environment to me in the past. Many photographers have risen to the same challenge in the past and present(some easier than others depending on locale)... both urban and rural. Maybe this could be an ongoing series... ' Home Sweet Home'?

Ian Boys said...

Here's my contribution to the home town theme:

christian said...

How about a post on techniques for coming up with blog post ideas?

Paul said...

This is also brilliant, by the way:

Lots to write about there.

Blake Andrews said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. They may yet turn up in future posts but at this point I've decided to go with Microcord's Uruguay idea.

Ali Sultan said...

How about Pakistan by Pakistani photographers?

Microcord said...

Uruguay! Thank you, Blake.

I've never been there, I don't know anyone who's been there, but I love the name of the city "Montevideo".

If it turns into a book, I'll buy a copy.

Uh . . . little though I want to encourage spammers, even those producing funny spam, I did click on the link to "Dr Gene Ray" (author of your first comment here) and derived an acute and curious enjoyment out of what I read. Truly in the spirit celebrated within the excellent book Idiot America, itself warmly recommended.

Blake Andrews said...

I'm not sure who Gene Ray is. He writes under various psuedonyms, and I'd classify it more as trolling than spamming. Usually it's weird enough that I enjoy it, so I let it slide. It's way more enjoyable than Viagra ads.