Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vision aid

There's a specific reason I'm posting this image today. The first person to correctly identify that reason wins a free print (of another photograph, not the one above).


Anonymous said...

OK, I will go with the obvious. You can no longer focus your manual lenses. You're getting older and losing your eyesight. You just found out that corrective lenses or lasic surgery are needed.

Blake Andrews said...

I think I've made this too hard. Here's a hint: Today's date is of a type that only occurs nine times every century. The picture describes what those nine dates have in common.

Unknown said...

Today is square root day, where the month and day are a square root of the last digits of the year. 3/3/09

Nice photo of a square carrot, also a root!

Blake Andrews said...

Nice work, Andrew!

Please email me your address and I'll get your print out.