Thursday, January 29, 2009

The originals

Congrats to Paul Russell who finalized the solution to Tuesday's puzzle with help from Derek and the crew at HCSP, where the drawing game has taken on a a life of its own.

For comparison's sake, here are the photographs on which the quiz drawings were based:

1. The Steerage, 1907, Alfred Stieglitz

2. Family, Texas, 1938, Dorothea Lange

3. Sumner, Mississippi, Casssidy Bayou in background, c. 1970, William Eggleston

4. Blast Furnace Heads, The Bechers, 1988
(this is not the drawn image but it was the closest I could find. Hey, a typology is a typology, right?)

5. Behind the Gare St. Lazare, 1932, Henri Cartier-Bresson

6. Trixie on the Cot, NYC, 1979, Nan Goldin

7. The Clay Mill, c. 1886, Peter Henry Emerson

8. Bed, Tenant Farm House, 1935, Walker Evans

9. Country Doctor, 1948, W. Eugene Smith

10. Mark Stevens, 1976, Robert Mapplethorpe

11. San Francisco, 1964, Garry Winogrand

12. Cabbage Leaf, 1931, Edward Weston

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