Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everything dies eventually

I'd gone almost six months since last breaking a camera. I guess I was due. In the past week I've broken the takeup spools on both my Noblex and my Diana. The Noblex will need to be sent out for service. The Diana is too cheap to bother fixing. It broke like some cheap plastic toy from China. I guess I should expect that from a cheap plastic toy from China but still frustrating.

In related news I've just discovered some great Diana work from the 80s made by an overlooked photographer. I'll be posting pix and interview soon. Stay tuned.

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wolf said...

I'm sure your diana just needs a pinch of tape--mine's been broken for a couple years and I'm still rockin' it! although every time I use it I swear it's the last, but the pain in the ass keeps making uniquely wonderful images! Aren't those new ones actually russian? Or just russian-owned? If you don't fix it, give it to me before you throw it away!