Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Compact Discoveries

Last week someone lent me a CD of Critical Mass finalists. There are roughly 150 photographers and it's taken me a few days looking it over in segments to get through them all. As with any such compilation, there are hits and there are misses. Since Critical Mass is supposed to be a way for emerging photographers to get their work out to untapped audiences, I thought I'd treat it as my own personal discovery center. Limiting my selection to photographers whom I'd never heard of before here are my 12 favorites:

Kevin Cooley

Lucas Forest Foglia

Karen Glaser

Nicole Jean Hill

Deborah D. Lattimore

Gil Mares

Teresa Ollila

Susana Alicia Raab

Sarah Small

Amy Stevens

Urszula Tarasiewicz

Pep Ventosa


Anonymous said...

good eye blake! I want to like the sarah small, but it's just too set up--had that series been natural it would be fantastic. It's amazing how many of these didn't make the top 50.

Blake Andrews said...

I think what I like about Sarah Small's series is its absurdity. These naked supermodels bounding through household scenes with kids and old folks, it's just so bizarre it twists your brain a bit. The only problem with doing a series like that naturally is that naked supermodels don't often come wondering through the house on their own.

Anonymous said...

oh man i had some naked supermodels come through my house the other day...it was already cold and their waify bodies created a draft. it was horrible! horrible i tells ya... seriously what is this Critical Mass thing?

Dolly Winter said...

These are nice, I actually went to high school with Sarah. I tend to agree thinking her pictures are too set up. But she could just be leading a different life now.