Friday, March 7, 2008

Perhaps they've won already?

This just in. Anyone seen in public using a camera could be a terrorist and should be reported immediately, using the hotline on this poster (yes, this is a real poster from London):

When you're finished reporting the photographer, here are some other suspicious activities to call about. We need everyone's cooperation on this or else the terrorists win.


Anonymous said...

In Paris in the Marais District, I was photographing a building by Hector Guimard when I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice saying you can't take a picture of that building. I told the guy the building's not a secret and pulled out my guidebook, which contained a picture of the building. I didn't argue, but returned the next morning, when the light was better. Still, I often harbor the feeling that what I'm doing might be construed as suspect by someone. We "live in interesting times", as the Chinese say or curse. So far I remain undaunted.

Nick said...

How very sad.

Anonymous said...

they hate our freedom, but apparently love photography. who knew? good times...dp